The Synergy Angler is a more versatile two-seater fishing kayak and can also be fished from solo. 


Due to the profile of the hull, rocker and lifted bow, it can be paddled efficiently on flat water or in the ocean. 


Size:  385 cm x 84 cm

Weight:  30 kg

Max Weight Capacity: 190 kg


Price:  9,304.00




The Vaya is a playful kayak specifically designed for kids.


It is maneuverable and forgiving, with great secondary stability.


With the Vaya being a sealed unit, it is virtually unsinkable. 


Size:  200 cm x 60 cm 

Weight:  11 kg

Max Weight Capacity: 45 kg

















The Buddy Angler is a sporty kayak ideal for the solo angler or fishing family.   


It is kitted out with road holders, a paddle park, anchor trolley and an additional hatch. 


Size:  265 cm x 84 cm

Weight 19 kg

Max Weight Capacity 120 kg


(Seat and Paddles optional)


Price:  R7,097.00


Our flagship single-seater, the Chumani is also available in an angling option. 


The length and volume of the Chumani Angler allows the avid angler to pack more gear and cover longer distances. 


Size:  329 cm x 81 cm

Weight:  22 kg

Max Weight Capacity 130 kg


Price:  R8,201.00




“Do It Now” white water sit-on-top serves two functions; 1 it provides a stepping stone for getting into a sport that you otherwise may never have felt comfortable attempting, and 2 it is a fun addition to any weekend. 



Small:  230 x 720 cm

Medium:  250 x 75 cm

Large:  270 x 78 cm



Small:  19.5 kg

Medium:  21 kg

Large:  22.5 kg


Max Weight Capacity: 

Small: 30 – 65 kg

Medium:  40 – 85 kg

Large: 55 – 120 kg



*Paddles optional






 The Bamba is a kayak purposely built for fishing and can be used for touring. 


The length and the hull design makes it fast while maintaining superb stability. 


Size:  425 cm x 80 cm

Weight:  33 kg

Max Weight Capacity:  220 kg


Price:  R10,408.00