Erics Canoes

Eric Clarke made his first surf ski in 1967and his inaugural expedition down the Umsindusi and Umgeni Rivers in 1968 which cemented a passion for river paddling. He made his first canoe, an Accord in 1970 which had a canvass deck and wooden struts and was made from a mould that was hired for R2.00. Eric and Graeme Pope-Ellis partnered the same year in that Accord and finished third on their debut Dusi Canoe Marathon. Eric and the "Pope" went on to win the next three Dusi’s in a row.
Eric had a natural talent for designing and hand moulding paddling craft and decided to make his passion his career and 42 years on Eric and his son Gary, also an experienced paddler, are still producing top quality hand-made craft. Eric’s Canoes was one of the first companies to manufacture a fishing ski in 1987 which revolutionised kayak fishing and played a major part in getting the sport to where it is today. Eric’s Canoes continue to hand make and custom design K1 and K2’s as well as fishing and surf skis which now fall under the Clarke Ski range.
We are constantly developing craft and invite you to take a look at some of our work. 
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